Teak in your car

Teak in your car

Teak in your car

Making a nice teak deck requires specialization. Knowledge of the car designer and the woodworker. And also high-quality material. Teak is strong and durable. The material hardly shrinks and hardly works. Moreover, teak is very easy to machine. And teak has the great advantage that it does not splinter. It also has an anti-slip effect. Teak even has an insulating value. Teak naturally has a greasy layer. It is important to take this into account when processing it. Teak deck is often used outside in an application. With proper maintenance and treatment, it will last around 20 years. We mainly know teak decks from the world of yachts. Of course it is also applicable in the automotive industry. Working with teak and then processing it into your personal interior is very special indeed. Material that starts as a tree and is transformed to a completely unique shape that matches your ideas. The result is always surprising. The drawings of the wood cannot be predicted. Teak is a beautiful, unique addition to your bespoke car interior. Teak enriches and enhances your motor vehicle.


Making a teak deck

The process of making a teak deck is divided into different steps. The first step is to make the design in our studio. The design of the floor determines the distribution of the teak slats and the border parts. Border parts are the wider teak parts that are installed around the unit. Only when you, the car designer and woodworker are satisfied, we start to glue the design to the surface. The executed design and therefore the measurement of the right boards is then finalized. A teak deck is always made in combination with a base. This will create stability between the teak parts. The best base plate is a water-resistant Okoume. This is a strong, durable and waterproof multiplex material. The firmness in this material is created by angle bonding of the wood grain.


Degrease and prime the teak deck

The to be glued teak parts are treated with a cleaner. This way they are made free of any contaminations. The primer must then be applied with a brush, within one hour. This primer must be applied in a continuous layer. Moreover, the layer must not be contaminated. It is a very precise task. The teak parts must then be glued to the bottom plate. Kit is applied to the water-resistant Okoume. This glue is distributed with a glue comb. The teak parts are then pressed into the glue. They are temporarily locked in place. This creates seams between the boards. In the next step, these seams are rubberized between the teak. For this step it is also important that the joints are empty, clean and dry. The degreasing and primer treatment is again applied with care.

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