Teak in your car

Teak in your car

Teak floor in coachbuilt car

Rubberizing the teak deck may seem like an easy job. However, it is anything but. The trick is to apply the kit while both edges of the material are properly covered. Even more important is to apply the kit without air bubbles. As these air bubbles can be clearly seen in the final piece result. This kit is applied very generously with a nozzle. As a result, woodworker Jeroen is assured that the seams remain well filled during drying. A long drying time follows after applying the kit to the teak. A very long drying time! Fresh kit cannot be treated at all. Patience is therefore appropriate. Patience is very typical for coachbuilding. When the kit is properly cured, the surplus kit material is removed using a chisel or a so called fein machine.


Sanding the Adventum Coupe teak deck

For Adventum Coupe we have chosen to use a very special white kit. Normally the kit in a teak deck is black. This special white kit is a unique enhancement of the Adventum Coupe teak deck. The white lines lift the teak parts beautifully. Moreover, this white colour is a nice match with the exterior paint of the first Adventum Coupe. After the removal of the surplus kit, the deck is sanded. Sanding the teak deck is again a lot of work. Getting the surface layer perfect is very important for a good end result. The woodworker is only satisfied with a perfectly smoothly sanded surface. Sanding must always be done in the longitudinal direction of the wood. This means sanding in the direction of the grain.


Finishing the teak floor in coachbuilt car

The final treatment of the teak deck is done through a teak sealer. This is a layer that is applied to protect the teak. When teak is used in a car or on a yacht, damage may occur due to weather influences and general use. This sealer prevents sun damage and pollution of the material. The special colour of the teak is also retained by this special layer. The drawings in the wood therefore remain clearly visible. In the event of light scratches or damage to the teak, it is possible to sand the material and again apply oil to it. The result then is really as good as a brand new teak floor. The teak floors can also be provided with metal protection trips in the longitudinal direction of the wood.

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