Range Rover SV Coupe cancelled

Range Rover SV Coupe cancelled

Land Rover cancelled SV Coupe

Land Rover cancelled her plans for their SV Coupe. Hearing this news disappointed our client. No more going after the likes of the Bentley Bentayga and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. This high-end version of the already beautiful Range Rover would not be. And the vehicle would have been more than just a two-door conversion of the luxury SUV. This gentleman approached Niels van Roij Design. We are now coachbuilding Adventum Coupe, based on his personal Range Rover. The real magic happens after opening the large doors. We outdid ourselves by giving Adventum Coupe a full bespoke interior. Including all the premium amenities you could ever imagine. Everything is possible when commissioning Adventum Coupe. Fused together walnut and sycamore woods can make your car look fantastic. Alternatively teak can adorn the dashboard, for example.


Range Rover SV Coupe not into production

The original Land Rover efforts were made in vain. Therefore, the opulent SUV we’re making will even be more unique. We will make a maximum of 100 examples. Our ultra-luxury two-door design can fulfil any dreams. End 2019 this Range Rover based car is expected to debut. The London designed, British luxury SUV could sure inspire many people, to make their own bold commissions. For instance, our Range Rover Autobiography based vehicle can feature any wheels selected from the Original, OEM range. We can also design bespoke style rims. What about a split-spoke design? Or, for example, light silver diamond turned finish. In addition, a bespoke grille with unique detailing is possible. We deleted the faux side vents on the doors. To clean up the design. Form follows function. Above all, Adventum Coupe is synonymous with refined capability.


Luxurious SUV

Luxury performance is what Adventum Coupe is designed for. Exclusively available in standard wheelbase. This arguably is the definitive big, luxury SUV. The Range Rover has been around since the early Seventies. It provides an excellent base for our design work. Not one panel is similar to the SV Coupe. Everything is newly styled for the coachbuilt Adventum Coupe. Adventum Coupe doesn’t just compete with other big SUVs. Even conventional luxury saloons like the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. Moreover, Adventum Coupe has to rival those cars on every level. Which is why our coachbuilt conversion offers higher levels of luxury. Our hand-assembled SUV is subsequently a truly limited-edition model. Down to bespoke paints. All made exclusively for its patron.

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