Adventum Coupe for Mr Fux

Adventum Coupe for Mr Fux

Adventum Coupe for Michael Fux

What if entrepreneur, philanthropist and renowned car collector Michael Fux added another bespoke vehicle to this collection? In other words, what if the #specgod commissioned a Fuchsia Adventum Coupe? The interior of his Adventum Coupe could be trimmed in so called Fuxia and Arctic White. Therefore, making the ultra-luxurious interior lavish and bright. It would also be matching his bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn and McLaren 720S. Adventum Coupe arguably is the definitive luxury SUV. However, for the Fux bespoke coachbuilt interior everything is newly styled. For example, the base for the door panel is a bright Arctic White. It lightens the interior and provides and excellent base for the bespoke Fuchsia, or Fuxia. This material is applied to the armrest. Or, for instance, to the central area of the door card. Above all, the wood applied is near white, but shows its grain beautifully though the lacquer.


Coachbuilt Adventum Coupe

Adventum Coupe doesn’t just compete with other big SUVs. It even competes with conventional luxury saloons like the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. Moreover, Adventum Coupe has to rival those cars on every level. Subsequently, this is why our coachbuilt conversion offers higher levels of luxury. Our entirely hand-assembled Adventum Coupe SUV is a truly limited-edition car. Down to bespoke paints. We envision a fresh Arctic White exterior paint. In this case the paint would be made exclusively for its patron. The body of Adventum Coupe is clean. Not one line too much. We have removed all visual clutter. This means only one subtle gesture is enough to make this SUV stand out. We have applied a Fuxia coachline to match the interior of this Adventum Coupe. It stands out and connects the exterior to the interior design.


Interior of Fuxia Adventum Coupe

The steering wheel has been wrapped in the softest of Connolly leather. A duo-tone combination of Fuchsia for the rim and Arctic White, which can be found on the centre piece. The wood on the steering wheel is the same material applied on the dashboard and centre stack. This wood is near white and shows its grain beautifully though the lacquer. The entire dashboard is wrapped in Arctic White Connolly leather, with the exception of the centre piece, arm rest and gauge cluster, which match the Fuxia coachline outide. At Niels van Roij Design, buyers can choose contrasting colours. We suggest options based on your personality. A light-coloured leather in the front and a darker shade for the rear? This the sign of a driver’s car. The choice of beautifully finished wood veneers is endless.

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