Niels van Roij Design Daytona Shooting Brake

Niels van Roij Design Daytona Shooting Brake

Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage sketches

Newly shaped fenders, an iconic horizontal ochre light bar upfront and a newly designed front bumper complete the unique front end. At the side of the car the dramatically changed roofline alters the base car from the windscreen backwards, lifting the roof upwards slightly above the driver, so an accelerating curve towards the elongated back could be accomplished. The angle of the B-pillar is new as the car will feature very large, and remote controlled, butterfly side windows. The fast rake of the shooting brake rear end was a complex task to resolve, as it had to fit the proportional statement of the modern base vehicle whilst linking subtly to the past.


Coachbuilt Daytona Shooting Brake

As only one Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage was made, only one Daytona Shooting Brake Hommage will be designed and constructed. The body will be entirely hand built in aluminium, the process of which will be exclusively shown on the Niels van Roij Design social media channels.

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