Breadvan_update_057: Monza fuel filler

Breadvan_update_057: Monza fuel filler

Proportions, surfacing, jewellery

In the Masterclass Automotive Design Niels van Roij discusses the three steps of car design with the audience. The first step is the proportions of a car. It is a car seen from 10 meters away. The second step is surfacing, the skin of the motorcar: seen from about 1 meter distance. The last, but certainly not least step is the jewellery, seen from 10 centimetres distance. One of the most iconic pieces of jewellery we have applied to our Breadvan Hommage is a so called Monza fuel cap. The Monza classic fuel filler caps have been used on race and road cars for many years. They are truly one of the most eye catching filler caps. Monza caps can be found on all sorts of cars. This ranges from Mini Coopers to AC Cobras. The timeless design just looks great.


Fuel filler cap

Therefore, there is a clear reason we have chosen for the Monza fuel filler cap: heritage. It links to the original Breadvan and other classic race cars. And it looks equally as good on modern cars as they do on classics. The Monza caps are available in polished alloy or chromed finish. We believe the timeless classic design suits our Breadvan Hommage well. So, it is a nice finishing touch. In addition we have applied the design of the fuel cap in such a way it is lowered into the body. Only its top end is shown. Above all, this means the filler is nicely integrated into the design. Rather than being stuck on top of the fender. A smooth integration of the jewellery. The Monza cap is now visually one with our Breadvan Hommage. It is positioned right at the peak of the fender. Sitting visually just right.


Fuel filler design

Because of its first application on iconic race cars, this classic filler cap design often associated with sports and race cars from the sixties. Originally manufactured in England, no one is quite sure of the original date this types of caps began to appear on automotive applications. They have actually been seen in advertisements in car magazines dating back to 1937. Above all, this is making them one of the oldest automotive components still in current use. Importantly, Monza caps will always be associated with famous competition cars of the sixties. As with all great designs they are certainly timeless and do not look out of place on modern day machinery. The Monza has a snap action. This is aesthetically pleasing and brings a neater appearance to the whole car. We think it is a great addition to the clean fender lines.

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