First Adventum Coupe painted

First Adventum Coupe painted

Adventum Coupe painted

The very first coachbuilt Adventum Coupe painted. Through our studio customers have the chance to create their a very personal motorcar. In this specific case the client opted for an OEM paint. Which, offcourse, also is a possiblity. There is, however, an infinit amount of paints and combinations available. Our paint specialists partners can match a specific swatch just for you. We can colour match the paint of your Adventum Coupe to absolutely anything. For instance, we’ve mixed paint to match a customer’s company logo. In your case can aim for a colour with a very subtle sparkle. Visible only in direct sunlight. It gives your Adventum Coupe a unexpected twist when seen in a different light. After sampling, the team will get your colour just right. We then work on the name of the hue. The colour can be named after you.


SUV based coachbuilt motorcar

Colour is only part of the story. Our expert partners can make truly unique finishes in paint effects. Mica, for example, is a coloured sparkle effect we can apply to a variety of different shades. Candy is a reverse-engineered three-stage process during which our experts lay the effect on first and then top it with a transparent solid colour to magnify the pearlescent effect. And Chrome is an eye-catching pigment that gives the impression of three colours in one. Adventum Coupe is a car without compromise. Therefore, matching and mixing the different shades of paint involves an exceptional eye for colour. Your Adventum Coupe will be hand-painted. So, we will achieve a mirror-like finish. This takes many hours of meticulous sanding and hand-polishing. When it comes to the overall finish of your Adventum Coupe, there really are no compromises. Painstaking precision is vital.


Special one-off exterior

Extraordinary craftsmanship is intrinsic to our bespoke team. Especially when it comes to colour. The possibilities to personalise the exterior of your hand-made Adventum Coupe are infinite. With truly endless individual hues for you to choose from. For your Adventum Coupe we can look into different shades of your favourite colour. Our paint partner will then make sample colours. Achieving the flawless colour and piano-shine finish is nothing short of extraordinary. Painstaking precision is a significant factor behind the success of the Niels van Roij Design work. And that level of perfection is never easy to achieve. Are you a brave enough customer to commission a dareing paint for your Adventum Coupe? Push our bespoke team. Contact Niels van Roij Design now.

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