Breadvan_update_090: Breadvan Hommage

Breadvan_update_090: Breadvan Hommage

The Breadvan Hommage by Niels van Roij Design

Two years ago this month we first wrote about the Breadvan Hommage. We have shared the complete car design and coachbuilding process. Everything went through our social media. Today, at Breadvan Update 90 we are looking back. This is the last update on the built. When a true admirer of the Italian brand reported to us with a special request to custom build a Breadvan Hommage, we saw it as an honourable task to translate the iconic racing car into a modern piece of design. We see it as a great privilege that we can honour the Breadvan through this Hommage commission. It is a complex task to translate the legendary original into a contemporary design. So, we intend to be inspired by the original, but will ensure we are not limited by it in our creativity.


Bespoke car design

Because this coachbuilding commission includes a full body make over and major interior changes we decided it would be an unique opportunity for Niels van Roij Design to allow people full insight into the entire development. Starting from the car design ideation process. Therefore, we showed exterior and interior design sketches. Then, renderings of final design work. For instance, we also shared the clay model. Even coachbuilding of the aluminium Breadvan Hommage body was shown. This complete openness on a weekly basis is exceptional within automotive design. For those who are interested it is a great opportunity to follow the creation of this one-off. A detailed step by step. The elaborate story was shown on our website. With smaller updates with images on social media. Up until today we reported every Friday on the development and progress of the Breadvan Hommage.


Breadvan Hommage

Now the car has been painted and most elements of the interior have been made, we are stopping the updates for a couple of weeks. This gives the team the possibility to put the Breadvan Hommage together. Up until the reveal of the finished design we will look back. We have two years of images and movies on designing and building this one-off. It has truly been a great time! Thank you all for tuning in, commenting and tagging, sharing and liking our posts on the social media platforms. In conclusion: pease keep on doing this! Keep on conntecting! We will share the end results with you once we’re set and done. So the final car will remain a bit of a surprise!

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