Breadvan_update_089: one-off car interior

Breadvan_update_089: one-off car interior

Car interior design

In today’s update we share some individually tailored details. Firstly, the Breadvan Hommage interior is fully bespoke. Designed to the customer’s exacting expectations. We’re using only the very best materials. These materials are consistently used. As a result, they match both the Breadvan heritage and the owner. The materials are crafted together by hand. Consequently, all elements combined create a relevant interior. Ofcourse, there is a near endless range of different materials. In other words, choosing the right ones is important and complex. Moreover, the range is huge. From the finest Italian leathers to the ink on the dials in the dashboard. And Alcantara on the seats. The aluminium on the doors… So, the question is: what material is required for the Breadvan Hommage? And, on top of the material options, we’ve got endless stitching options. For example, contrast stitching. Or stitching in a colour matching the seat.


Bespoke Breadvan Hommage interior

Our coachbuilding and design team makes big changes to the interior. In other words, the coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage is a bespoke one-off. The exterior exudes its goal: racing. The Breadvan Hommage interior promises absolute sportiness. Above all, the craftmanship of the upholster is evident in every detail. This is a sentiment that runs through all elements. For example, this includes one of the pieces designed to enhance this motorcar’s interior. For instance, the bespoke clocks in front of the driver! So, the iconic outline of the exterior design is not only embroidered into the headrests of this car. In other words: the monogram can also be found on the dials. On our social media and YouTube channel you can find movies of the design process. The quilted leather centre stack can also been seen. It matches exactly with the quilting on the door. And the quilting on the headliner.


Alcantara as understated decoration

The embroidered outline is enhancing the headrests elegantly. It is a design exercise of nuance. The colour of thread used is slightly lighter. This coloured thread is complementary. Not a high contrast. Only slightly lighter compared to the Alcantara blue. Sufficient contrast that makes one see the embroidery only at second glance. The blue Alcantara is celebrated on the Breadvan Hommage door panel design. An ode through colour. The door panel can be seen on a photo. It is almost completed. The ingredients are simple. But they make a delicious Italian dish. A black leather base. Featuring a quilted leather bottom. And an unpainted aluminium decoration element. This makes a link to the handmade custom body of the car. And last but not least: a small Italian flag is highlighting the roots of the vehicle.

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