Breadvan_update_088: one-off car design

Breadvan_update_088: one-off car design

How to design a car?

The Breadvan Hommage base vehicle interior is a great place to be. However, we wanted to make the vehicle more outspoken. And the interior more relevant. The interior should match the exterior design. So, we re-designed many items. The factory installed sport seats finished with carbon fibre backs remained. Apart from these, the standard interior is not very convincing. Colours and materials are rather poor. Therefore, exquisite individual details are specifically important in this one-off interior. The materials will be interacted with. Often and intensely. On a close and personal level. In other words, the tactile experiences are of high importance. For instance, all switchgear is replaced by handmade aluminium buttons. And the seat covers are made of a blue Alcantara. Inspired by ‘60’s race car colours. The seats feature a thicker padding. Making the seats more voluminous. The headrests feature the outline of the exterior.


Bespoke one-off V12 powered supercar

Other customised items? For instance the complete centre console delete. Making way for a H-pattern shifter. With custom surrounding in quilted black leather. Above all, the gear lever in H-pattern reminds one of motorsport heritage. In addition, the air vent bezels and switchgear are made out of solid aluminium. One of many reasons to focus on the bright work of the interior is to make interior and exterior design language consistent. The OEM switchgear is of inferior quality. In addition, the switches lack quite a bit of character too. So, this is another important reason the buttons and switches will be replaced. The fact is they will be interacted with often. This close contact with the coachbuilt car needs to provide the driver a unique feeling. He is driving a handmade one-off. All materials in this coachbuilt motorcar should feel high quality.


Car design project

Everything the owner will touch should be adding to the experience. For example, from standing outside of the Breadvan Hommage to entering the car. And, from opening the door, to closing. This is done by grabbing the door panels on the inside. So, these panels will are redesigned. In addition, they’ll be equipped with appealing materials. For instance, a black leather base. Quilted leather bottom. Alcantara insert around the grab handle. In other words, all materials are part of a bigger whole. All contribute to the sense of occasion. A part of this is touching the exterior paint. In the image the last layer of clear coat is applied. It makes for a rather special scene!
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