Breadvan_update_087: Breadvan Hommage bespoke red

Breadvan_update_087: Breadvan Hommage bespoke red

Custom made, one-off coachbuilt car

We designed a customized paint specifically for the Breadvan Hommage. We actually made 8 samples. Each red has its own subtle differentiation, gloss, effect and character. The first coat of red paint  is a very thin layer. Once the first coat has dried, the paint becomes matte. Not fully covered areas are getting a bit more attention when the first layer has dried. Today we are showing you the matt red car and how the clear coat is applied after it dries. This clear coat goes on with a lot more drama. As you can see in the photo the material spreads very rapidly in the spray booth. It provides a rather mysterious and foggy scene. After about 10 minutes, the first layer of clear coat has lost most of its solvents. Painter Fred checks the entire car and then applies the second layer of clear coat.


The Breadvan Hommage is red

After the clear coat dries the colour will appear. We will share that result later. The depth in the paint will be very special. The colour is not extreme or flashy. It is an exercise in subtlety. Some have asked us to show the car in its finished form. If it would be finished, we would show it! It honestly takes a long time to design and coachbuilt a one-off coachbuilt car like the Breadvan Hommage. Painter Fred worked many weeks and long hours on all the different steps. And in between the car has to sit for weeks to make all solvents of the first layers dissolve. These photos obviously only show a part of the quality of the paint. To fully appreciate it, it has to be seen up close. It truly is a mirror-finish.


How to paint a car?

Extraordinary craftsmanship is intrinsic to the entire team working on our bespoke car design. This also goes when it comes to colour. The possibilities to personalise the exterior of a hand-made car are endless. With absolutely countless amounts of individual hues for future owners to choose from. For the Breadvan Hommage we looked into 8 different colours of red. The painter painted 8 sample colours, based on our input, which you see on the photo. Achieving the flawless red colour and piano-shine finish is nothing short of extraordinary. Painstaking precision is a significant factor behind the success of paintwork by Fred. And that level of perfection is never easy to achieve. The customer commissioning the Breadvan Hommage dares to push our bespoke team. He asked us to create a colour that matched the bright red of classic Italian sportscars. With only a very subtle twist. More soon…

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