Breadvan_update_086: Breadvan Hommage painted matt red!

Breadvan_update_086: Breadvan Hommage painted matt red!

How to paint a one-off car?

In update 84 we shared how the primer coat of the Breadvan Hommage has hardened for several weeks. In the words of Classic Car Painter Fred we shared how he paints the inside of the doors, bonnet and interior matt black. Then he prepped the exterior of the body for the customized paint we designed. The owner picked the final colour red himself. It was one of 8 different shades of red developed specifically for the Breadvan Hommage. Each having its own subtle differentiation in character. When applying the first coat of red paint Fred applies only a very thin layer. Because red is a difficult colour to paint, Fred lets the first coat dry. When dried, the red paints becomes a matt colour. This can be seen in the images. This makes it easy to assess where the hard-to-cover, or not fully covered, areas are. 


Matt paint on the Breadvan Hommage?

These spots receive a little more attention on the thickness of the layer when the second red layer is applied. An even coverage is crucial. The second layer follows after the first layer has dried. This second stage needs to cover the car completely. The painter lets the second coat dry again. He can then start cleaning the spray gun to prepare for the clear coat. For the clear coat Cromax CC6400 is applied. Fred makes the clear coat and then starts spraying the first layer. After about 10 minutes, the first layer of clear coat has lost most of its solvents and is ready for the second layer. First Fred checks the clear coat for stickiness. Then the correct evaporation level for the second layer of clear coat is decided.


The Breadvan Hommage is red!

After this the spray gun is cleaned. The painter waits 10 to 15 minutes before firing up the heating in the spray booth. The ambient temperature is then increased to no less than 60 degrees Celsius. This is done to make the clear coat solvents dissolve. If the clear coat forms a skin too early, pinhole paint defects can occur. The painter prevents this by taking sufficient time. Now there is 30 minutes for coffee and good stories! After all, it is now time to wait. When the spray booth has completed its cool down cycle, the painter removes the masking paper from the Breadvan Hommage. And then everyone finally has a view of the end result… But you will have to come back for that! More on the clear coat in our next post.

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