Breadvan_update_084: painting the Breadvan Hommage

Breadvan_update_084: painting the Breadvan Hommage

Painting a car

In the last update we shared a photo of the exterior of the Breadvan Hommage. You could see each and every single panel inside is being painted black. Both the OEM elements as well as the new coachbuilt parts we designed. For instance, the headliner, or ceiling, is painted matt black. This work is being done even though the car will feature a full black leather interior. No body colour will be visible because of this procedure. And everything is nicely protected, because of this coat of paint. In the post today we will explain the process. Done in the words of the painter. How and why did he do his work on the Breadvan Hommage? Because the amount of work and detail in the painting process, we will have to divide the information over a few weeks.


How does one paint exclusive cars?

The primer coat of the Breadvan Hommage has hardened for several weeks to lose all of its solvents. Classic Car Painter Fred then starts working on the inside of the newly made sheet metal. This means that he has to degrease and he will “matt” the aluminum. The Breadvan Hommage is then masked-off . After this he paints the inside of the doors and bonnet in matte black. But first he degreases the entire body to ensure that no contamination has occurred on the primer layer during previous stages. Fred then sands the entire primer by hand, using sanding block, grit P240, P320, P400. After this, he sands the primer layer with eccentric rotary machine and soft pad with grit P500. After this procedure he checks for any imperfections.


Painting the Breadvan Hommage

The painter now makes the Breadvan Hommage dust-free and will wet the primer with a degreaser. This allows him to check whether the end result is satisfactory. The car then actually becomes a kind of mirror. Every bump or dust particle is mercilessly exposed. The next step is to place the Breadvan Hommage in the cabin and mask it for the painting activities. When the Breadvan Hommage is masked, the painter degreases the body. This is the last time this is done. Then the painter wipes the body with an adhesive cloth to remove all the last minute traces of dust. The painter then makes four liters of Cromax Pro basecoat using the Cromax color program. Completely customized, this is a recipe developed for the customer. The car is now ready for the first coat of colour… See you next Friday!

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