Breadvan_update_082: how did we design the Breadvan Hommage?

Breadvan_update_082: how did we design the Breadvan Hommage?

How we designed the one-off Breadvan Hommage

A coachbuilt vehicle is more than a motor car. In other words: it is a work of art. It is hand-made to order. Exclusively for our clients. Done by our team of designers and suppliers. All highly skilled craftspeople. Whatever our clients imagine their ideal motor car to be. So, we bring their unique vision to life with car design for coachbuilding. It is for those who value rarity. In other words: uniqueness. In its most authentic form. Above all, these cars can be truly singular creations. Just as the Breadvan Hommage. The Breadvan Hommage is fulfilling an ambitious vision. For example, invoking both legacy and new design thinking. Crafting the purest representation of classic racing. Coachbuild is an extraordinary collaboration between the owner and artisans. The conception begins with a simple line on paper. Every line is then refined. Every request is realised. Through coachbuilders, upholsterers, painters and technicians.


A bespoke car

On the photos on this week’s update we show the proportions, surfacing and jewellery. Our design work coming alive! The result is a motor car like no other. Breadvan Hommage is a contemporary coachbuild, drawn by Niels van Roij Design. A bespoke car is the ultimate expression of our clients. Whatever inspires them. For instance, it could be an iconic car, a favourite city, the beauty of nature. Our design team will bring your dream to life. For instance , bringing together the finest materials. For example: milled aluminium and black Nappa leather. Cutting-edge technologies such as digital renderings and the unrivalled expertise of craftspeople. In other words: all hands work with our client to create unique Breadvan Hommage. We source the best leathers, paints, colours and fabrics. Through the design work we personalise subtle features such as door handles, driver’s dials and treadplates.


The tactile elements of car interior design

Making a bold statement. For example, the red paint developed especially for this car. Whatever your inspiration, our design team will bring it to life. Ignite your imagination! With inspiration from these photos. The interior of the Breadvan Hommage is painted black. Even though the car will feature a full black leather interior. The interior jewellery on the doors can be seen on the photos too. These aren’t just a beautiful addition to the interior. They also are very tactile elements of the interior design. Cold to the touch. And each place the hammer hit the aluminium can be seen. In this way, through design, we take coachbuilding into the car. Also, the aluminium is complimented by the black leather on the door panel. And by quilted leather on the lower side of the panel, transmission tunnel and headliner. In conclusionb, a small touch of blue Alcantara finishes it tastefully.

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