Breadvan_update_083: designing the Breadvan Hommage

Breadvan_update_083: designing the Breadvan Hommage

Car design videos

On our social media channels, listed below, we are very active. Therefore, if you are interested in coachbuilding and colour and trim work, you definitely should follow us. For example, our YouTube channel we are posting two car design videos per week. For instance, videos on car design icons. Other videos are on our Adventum Coupe coachbuilt SUV design. Or our Tesla Model S based shooting brake conversion. We named it Model SB. And – of course – you will find videos on our Breadvan Hommage! The videos we sometimes also share on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. In the stories we outline in everything openly. You will find detailed explanation about which steps we take. And, for instance, specific problems that occurred. More importantly and above all: how we solved them! Follow all our car design projects on our social media pages:


One-off car design

We now show you updates on several elements of our Breadvan Hommage design. One of the photos shows a detail of the hand-made inlay. It has been made by coachbuilder Bas out of aluminium. This interior jewellery will be installed on the doors. These pieces are a great and important element for the interior. Above all, they are tactile elements. For instance, cold to the touch. Each time the hammer has hit the aluminium can be clearly seen. Through design, we take coachbuilding into the car. As per the sketch, the element is complimented by black leather on the door panel, which features a black ton-sure-ton stitch around the top left corner of the door – at the passenger’s side. Thick, padded, quilted leather is being installed on the lower door panel. It will also feature on the transmission tunnel and headliner. We will share more at a later stage.


Car interior materials

A subtle use of a small touch of blue Alcantara, the exact material installed on the seats, finishes the door panel tastefully. It will is used as grab handle for closing the door. It will be of the same dimensions as the inserts on the Alcantara seat. And it even features the exact same double stitch! Consistency in design, colours, trim and other materials is very important to create a homogenous piece of vehicle design. You can also see a photo of the exterior of the Breadvan Hommage. Every single panel is painted black inside. This goes both for the OEM elements as well as the new parts. For instance the new ceiling in the back and the sides are painted matt black. Even though the car will feature a full black leather interior. It means that never any body colour will be visible.

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