Breadvan_update_080: car design

Breadvan_update_080: car design

Breadvan Hommage design

Today we have a look at the current status of the car. We show the design of the one-off dials and the body work at the painter. Also the handmade insert of the door panel is shown. The dashboard of the Breadvan Hommage features unique dials. They elevate the entire interior. The arms of the dials, combined with the other design ideas, give the instruments a clean but strong appearance. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So, when all elements are put together in the interior, they clearly show the Niels van Roij Design eye for detail. Coachbuilding is an exercise in subtlety. The concept of the Breadvan Hommage is translated into fonts. Into special colours. And unique materials. And into beautiful textures. Each dial is styled as a modern time piece. And, of course, they all feature Italian text.


Custom dials

The production of the dials for the Breadvan Hommage requires skills and craftsmanship. We redesigned each and every of the 7 dials in the dashboard of the base vehicle. This results in dials like timepieces. For example, the solid silver elements are machine made. Then, they are finished by hand. Afterwards the instruments are more three-dimensional and beautifully shiny. The black backgrounds deliver a good contrast. The dials have a contemporary character. Their fonts link to great racing car tradition. In other words, similar ideas were found in classic racing cars. However, the Breadvan Hommage design takes this into the future. We are inspired by the past, not dictated by it. The instruments feature bespoke hands. To fit with the design of the Breadvan Hommage, they are painted white. The rev counter shows the Breadvan Hommage outline. Just like it is applied to the headrest in embroidery.


Bespoke car interior

We shared before how we take the world a coachbuilt car body also inside of our car design. Constructing a new and modern, stripped door panel. The design consists of black leather, cleaned of visual clutter. A bit of blue Alcantara is applied to the grab handle. The centre piece design element is made out of aluminium. Inspired by the exterior. The opening within this panel features a door pull strap. This race tech inspired element is both functional and beautiful. The aluminium material will be left untouched. So, we show each mark the hammers left when the coachbuilder was working on the panels. Therefore, this aluminium door panel will make a unique sculptural element. This has never before been applied like that in the world of car design, as far as we know.

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