Breadvan_update_078: car interior design

Breadvan_update_078: car interior design

How to design an interior?

A few weeks ago we shared the first stages of the coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage interior changes. Our design boasts many new styling ideas. New materials and colours. Coachbuilder Bas van Roomen hand makes every sweeping line of the aluminium elements in the interior from flat sheets of aluminium. To achieve volumes out of a flat sheet, he can actually only do three things. He can stretch, shrink and bend the sheets. Bas does this manually as well as with machines. Constructing a new door panel is an important part of the car interior redesign. A aluminium unit is part of the new design. These door panels will be modern. Cleaned of visual clutter. The team will use a unique blend of materials. We will apply black leather and blue Alcantara.

Car interior design

To make the interior of a one-off car is to discuss. The metal work is a direct translation of our design renderings. We discuss how to translate the sketches into a car interior. How does the light react on the surface transitions of the aluminium? Which material or design feature can be made better? Inspired by interiors found in classic race cars, taken to a modern, non-retrospective level. The edge of the metal element looks strong because of the facet. The thinner opening within the panel will serve as a place to put ones hand for closing the door. A lightweight door pull strap is to be attached inside of this opening too. This race inspired element is functional and beautiful. The material will be left untouched. So, we deliberately want to show each mark the hammers left when Bas was working on the door panels.

Bespoke car interior

We collectively work in the best of automotive traditions. As this one-off motorcar is inspired by vintage racers, the team has a lot to live up to. Therefore, our Breadvan Hommage is the automotive equivalent of haute couture. The artisanship of the craftspeople will evident in every detail. This commissioned motorcar will boast a bespoke interior design in which materials match. Subsequently, this means everything will be hand-tailored. As mentioned, visual clutter will be removed. For instance, the lower door panel is stripped. The map pockets in the OEM panel are deleted. The grab handle on the door is also removed. This will be cleaning up the design as per the sketch. The most important parts of the door panel are now finished. It will still be a few weeks before all will be upholstered. Very exciting times ahead!

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