Breadvan_update_077: unique car design

Breadvan_update_077: unique car design

Designing a one-off car

Our Breadvan Hommage design is currently in the workshop. So, after the body has been made perfect and ready for paint, the car now is worked on by mechanics. Therefore, this is a good time to look at the complete design makeover this V12 based motorcar has had. A selection of design renderings and before and after pictures show what we have done! We have a fascination for cars. We believe it is important to be well informed: designers should be familiar with their product. Our team has a passion for design, from understanding the holistic overview to the smallest little detail. For example, we love improving, iterating, researching and – the most important feature of our skill set – listening. Also the Breadvan Hommage project started with research. For instance, looking into the history of motorsports through archives.


How to design a car?

We are car design consultants and particularly interested in what a design can do to a human being. We have a broad interest, are curious and critical. Research is key to us and the starting point for everything we do. So, for the Breadvan Hommage we looked into the history of the original and many cars surrounding it. For instance: how to design a car? How to design a car that honours another car? What does a specific shape mean? Why have certain materials been used? We get to the bare essence: question the question. Our studio is in The Netherlands, our associates network is big and worldwide. We work closely with these specialists. Not only we need them to execute the design. We need their input on all levels. To make the design more relevant.


Bespoke car design

At Niels van Roij Design we work autonomous, but love to join forces. With these specialists and with our clients. We believe design is no veneer. Design is strategy: the strategy of seduction. In the images on this page the process our Breadvan Hommage design went through can be seen. The creative process is very unique. For many of our clients that is the most important reason of working with us. They are in the driving seat. We empower them to design their own dream car. From sketch to rendering, to clay model to finished body in four images. There is still a large amount of work to be done, but the most important steps have been executed! Follow the Breadvan Hommage project, and our other projects, on our social media pages:

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