Breadvan_update_076: custom car interior

Breadvan_update_076: custom car interior

How to design a car interior?

Our coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage will feature big changes to the interior. Classic models inspire the design. Therefore, the design started with analysing these old race cars. There is a lot of character in these designs. In addition, we looked at trim and materials installed on those hand-made cars. Although classic sports cars were inspirational for this coachbuilt design, we do take many car design liberties. We push our car design project into the future. For instance, our design will boast many new styling ideas. New materials and colours. Coachbuilder Bas hand makes every sweeping line of the body from flat sheets of aluminium. To achieve volumes out of a flat sheet, he can actually only do three things. He can stretch, shrink and bend the sheets. Bas does this manually as well as with machines.


High-end car interior design

To make the curvaceous body of the Breadvan Hommage is to discuss. The work is based on our design renderings. We continuously debate on how to translate these into a real car. How does the light react on the surface transitions? Which design feature can be made even better? The coachbuilder, however, does not only work on the exterior. We proposed to take the world of hand-beating a car body also inside of our car design! Constructing a new door panel is an important part of the car interior redesign. A lightweight stripped unit will replace the OEM panel. So, these door panels will be modern. Cleaned of visual clutter. The team will use a unique blend of materials. We will apply black leather and blue Alcantara. The tape template on the photos was made based on the sketches and renderings.


Bespoke car interior

On the doorpanel, the tape lines are drawn. Outlining the centre piece design element. It is made by the coachbuilder out of aluminium. Inspired by interiors found in classic race cars. But taken to a modern, non-retrospective level. The heavy outer line is the edge of the metal element. The thinner inner line is the opening within this panel. A lightweight door pull strap is to be attached inside of this opening. This race tech inspired element is both functional and beautiful. The material will be left untouched. So, we deliberately want to show each mark the hammers left when Bas was working on the door panels. Therefore, this will make a very unique sculptural piece. This idea never before has been seen in the world of car design, as far as we know.

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