Breadvan_update_075: custom car design

Breadvan_update_075: custom car design

Designing a car

Those who have followed the coachbuilding process of the Breadvan Hommage design closely, know the car has been now painted with spray filler by painter Fred. The one-off car now finally looks like it is intended to look! For instance, all the design elements come together. Finally the Breadvan Hommage is a consistent car, with flowing lines. For instance, on the nose this means the bespoke headlights now flow towards the two nostrils. The sketches shows the design and how it has been translated into aluminium by coachbuilder Bas. The headlights have a great focus. And additionally the bonnet scoop with opening is a nice element of jewellery on the bonnet. The opening is situated right above the V12 engine. Both a view on the machinery as well as extra cooling will be provided.


What goes into designing a car?

On the other image you see how the base car looked over 75 weeks back. It has been a lot of fun working on the car. The process of designing both the exterior and the interior is a true joy. On the image of Italian sportscar is clearly shows how much the bumper, bonnet and fenders are changed. The massive changes to the nose are obvious. But, the changes on the front are small compared to those on the back. Because there the amendments compared to the original car are even more significant. Not only the skin of the car, or surfacing has changed. Also the volumes of the body work. And the proportions too. On the overview image from the back the significant overhang is clear. Very a-typical for a car. But, typical for a Breadvan.

Car design video

We will soon post a series of videos on the Niels van Roij Design YouTube channel discussing how the design of this one-off car was made. You will be able to see everything we did, in a lot of detail. Many questions will be answered in these videos. The main one: what goes into designing a car? In the video there is a special focus on the unique elements of designing a one-off car. The series will showcase all information, step by step. From ideation, to renderings and clay modelling. Follow the Breadvan Hommage project, and also our other projects, such as the Model S based Shooting Brake conversion, Adventum Coupe on our social media pages:

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