Breadvan_update_072: before and after: custom car

Breadvan_update_072: before and after: custom car

The design process of a one-off car

Our client stopped by for a complete design makeover to his V12 based motorcar in 2018. Adding another fully customized sports car to his growing collection. The progress has been shown on our website and social media pages. Today we have a look at before and after pictures. The progress truly shows! You see images of the actual base we are converting into the Breadvan Hommage. Because, before sketching starts, the idea is discussed in an important meeting. We look at the so-called hard points. The purpose of this meeting is to fully understand the base car. These hard points are rigid, non-adjustable items. They include the suspension mounts, A-pillar base, structural safety elements and crash structures. The team also discusses the possibilities the V12 base vehicle offers for the design ideas. This meeting is key to establish all different roads the project can take.


Car design news

On the other image you see technicians started dismantling the car. This means removing glazing from the Italian sportscar. Also, they are deleting the easy to reach interior components. Carpeting and panels, upholstery and covers all have to go. Clearing away items helps the team’s manoeuvrability in and around the car. It also reveals key elements of the space frame we have to work with. We will soon post a video on the Niels van Roij Design YouTube channel discussing how we went about this. You will be able to see everything we did, in a lot of detail. Many questions will be answered in that video. The main one being: what goes into designing a car? It will be a car design 101. Specifically focussing on designing a one-off car. The video will also showcase all information on the first steps designing a one-off car.


Bespoke car design videos

On the photos of the car he massive changes to the nose can be seen too. The headlights, bonnet, fenders, air intakes and much more has been changed. All these will be discussed in the video too. We discuss what do we do before we start sketching. What are issues and problems? Of course we will be including much footage never seen before! It is a complex task to translate the essence of the legendary original into a contemporary design. We will reinterpret the classic original. Rather than designing a retrospective vehicle. Breadvan Hommage will be a respectful yet un-nostalgic homage to the past.

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