Breadvan_update_070: custom car overview

Breadvan_update_070: custom car overview

High-end base car from Italy

Our Breadvan Hommage is based on a grand-tourer made from 1996 to 2001. Today we’re looking back at the major steps we are taking. Firstly, this base car marked the brands return to a layout of front-engine, rear-wheel drive. An upgraded version did arrive in 2002. The owner deliberately did not choose this car as a base vehicle for the project. Secondly, for the owner the manual gearbox in the pre life cycle update was a must-have. Thirdly, the front-engine, rear-wheel drive transaxle layout, with the 6-speed gearbox located at the rear axle together with the limited slip differential is a fantastic setup for our Breadvan Hommage. Above all, the tubular steel space frame chassis is a great base for this coachbuilding project. The manufacturer soldered aluminium body panels to this frame. Our design work is now executed on this frame.


Redesigned custom car body

Niels van Roij Design works on a full redesign of the original car body. So, as a result of this only the tubular frame will remain original. For instance, a selection of the re-design and coachbuilding work on the base car can be seen on the images here. As always it starts with proportions: the car seen from about 10 meters of distance. The biggest change is made in the rear. Starting from behind the B-pillar backwards. The second step will be the surfacing. The custom car skin will be re-shaped by artisans at the coachbuilder. Importantly, these changes are based upon our design work and choices made by the owner. Last but not least is the jewellery. For example, these are the finest and smallest details. Small, yes, but very significant in their presence. All three levels of the base car are changed. Only the windscreen will remain untouched.


Bespoke car interior design

Many individual details will be integrated in this design. They are made to fit the owner of the car and this specific design. The surfacing, or skin of the car, will be complimenting the OEM design of the Italian base car exterior. The interior of this motorcar is changed too. The individuality in each of the design statements in the driver area will include special materials. For instance, the headrest embroidery. And also new door panels. Subsequently, a new headliner is installed. A unique application of leathers and Alcantara and many more items are applied by a selection of experts. We all collaborate to fulfil our client wishes. It is an very special experience to co-design a dream car. Through computer visualisations we take the project from a piece of paper, via a clay model, to a uniquely personal motorcar.

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