Breadvan_update_068: one-off dials

Breadvan_update_068: one-off dials

Custom dials for one-off car

Have you ever dreamed about owning a one-off ride? At Niels van Roij Design we make your dreams come true. In other words, we create the most exclusive cars. We are using the best suppliers. The best people. The best materials available. As a result, our car design service extends far and wide. The Breadvan Hommage is a great example of what we can do. Only the windscreen of this coachbuilt car stays original. Special elements can be found throughout the interior of the Breadvan Hommage. A real custom car. We have shared the unique dials as a work in progress before. Seven uniquely styled meters in the dash. They are hand made. So, the dials consist of top-notch materials. For example, we use silver to construct the face. Craftsmanship can be found in every detail. Consequently, the materials are beautiful, the design of the facia durable and unique.


Movement for car-lovers – unique dials

The one-off set of dials is designed and made only for the Breadvan Hommage. Coachbuilding, creating one-off custom rides, at its very best! In car design language details are called jewellery. So, seven uniquely styled elements of jewellery! They are taking custom car design to the next level. The dials are hand made entirely. First, a professional dial maker takes all OEM dials apart. Disassembly of the needles and the dials. Secondly, we opt for the highest quality of screen printing for the new dials. Custom-made graphics are printed on them in a 3D layer of ink. Thirdly, the finest elements of silver are added. This is a technically difficult design. However, the result will be truly sculptural and three-dimensional. When all elements are finished, in the end, the dial maker pieces every part of a handmade dials together again.


Hand-made one-off clocks

As mentioned before, we opt for the highest quality of screen printing for the dials. For example, the tiny lines indicating speed or RPM will not be a flat, printed line. As a result, the new design elevates the entire one-off interior of this custom car. The production of a dial for the Breadvan Hommage requires a lot of skills and craftsmanship. So, our suppliers use only high quality materials. In other words: they work with absolute accuracy. The highest level of finishing. You can see the work in progress of the bespoke clocks on the images. All their effort allows for the best look. For instance, razor sharp details. A combination of modernism with a classical touch: the dials will be high quality and stylish. They will give a lasting impression! Custom dials like timepieces. Unique and distinctive.

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