Breadvan_update_067: design and build your own car

Breadvan_update_067: design and build your own car

Shaping custom car culture

Niels van Roij Design is your one stop shop for all your car customization and coachbuilding needs. We are located in the Netherlands. We work together with a compact team of experts, technicians, fabricators, designers, electricians, painters and many more. Every day this team works towards the goal of creating one-off cars. So, works of art for our clients, commissioned by them. You may have seen some of our one-of-a-kind coachbuilt cars on TV or in car magazines. For the Breadvan Hommage every single body panel of the base vehicle is changed. Therefore, everything is redesigned. Except for the windscreen. At the front, for example, a redesign of the fenders is executed. Also the bonnet is heavily changed. For instance, it features two new intakes on the lower edge of the bonnet. And these two will not just be there for looks!


One-off car design

The two large nostrils in the lower section of the bonnet will improve cooling of the V12 engine. So, the air intake in the middle of the bonnet of the original car will be deleted. The two air intakes on the bottom will feature air pipes directing the fresh incoming air towards the OEM intakes of the engine. In other words: his will make the two air intakes not only look great, but function equally well. Car design, form follows function. Likewise, the chassis will be adapted too. The body of the Breadvan Hommage has obvious big modifications. In this case motorization will remain OEM, although the exhaust system is likely changed. The suspension is being tackled with our partners. The same goes for the body work. The interior will boast custom upholstery. A tasteful mix of leather and Alcantara. For instance with custom seat inserts and new foam contouring.


Custom upholstery for cars

The interior will see an almost full material change, custom seat embroidery and much more. Some work has been done in 3D design, with rapid prototyping and milling. We are able to do 3D scanning and printing and work with CNC too. Although in this case we specifically decided to do as much as possible by hand. The old fashioned way! This links beautifully with the type of car we’re working on. We can install high-end car audio too, however, the custom speaker of this car is enclosed under the bonnet! The V12 will be all the driver needs. We opt for the highest quality of screen printing for the custom dials. The tiny lines indicating speed or RPM will not be a flat, printed line. They are silver elements. After production they are polished. The needles are painted.

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