Breadvan_update_066: Bespoke dials

Breadvan_update_066: Bespoke dials

Custom clocks

The binnacle on the dashboard features our uniquely designed dials. Therefore, they elevate the entire interior. The production of a dial for the Breadvan Hommage requires a lot of skills and craftsmanship. So, our suppliers use only high quality materials. They work with absolute accuracy. The highest level of finishing. As a result, this allows for the best look. And razor sharp details. Consequently, Niels van Roij Design works together with the best dial makers within the industry. Traditional, manually operated machines are used. These are combined with highly accurate modern devices. In other words, the dials will be high quality and stylish. So, they will give a lasting impression. The design of the bespoke dials is a combination of modernism with a classical touch. Each dial in the dashboard is redesigned. So, this is resulting in dials like timepieces. Unique and distinctive.


A movement for purists – Bespoke dials

From the outset, Niels van Roij Design always envisaged the Breadvan Hommage dials to appeal to the most discerning of collectors. For instance, it was imperative that the interior was befitting from great dials. Appealing to the exacting requirements of purists. For example, the solid silver elements are machine made. Then, they are hand-finished. Afterwards the dials are evincing a brilliant gleam. While the centres deliver a sublime contrast with their black surfaces. The dials exhibit a contemporary character. Their fonts pay reverence to fine automobile and racing car tradition. In other words, similar ideas were found in classic racing cars. However, the Breadvan Hommage dials take this look into the future. Inspired by the past. Not dictated by it: the surface of the dials is black, with a very subtle grain. The white font is clearly contrasting. Clean and easy to read.


Hand-made dails with bespoke hands

To fit with the concept of the design of the Breadvan Hommage, the hands are painted white. After the painting process the hands are manually attached to the hubs. The arms, in combined with all other design ideas on the dials, give the clocks their final appearance. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. So, when all elements are put together they clearly show the Niels van Roij Design eye for detail. Italian horsepower is translated into fonts. Into colours, materials. Into car design. Each dial styled as a modern piece of jewellery. They will all feature Italian text. So, km/ora on the speedo. And acqua, or olio, and benzina. Giri and barra olio on the others. Then there is “che importa” on the clock. Italian for “Who cares”. Because, when driving in the Breadvan Hommage: who cares about the time!

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