Breadvan_update_065: one-off dials

Breadvan_update_065: one-off dials

Custom dials for the coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage

Our coachbuilt motorcars are all conceived by craftspeople and designers. There are some fairly special examples of this. Our car design service extends far and wide. The Breadvan Hommage is a great example of what we can do. Only the windscreen of this coachbuilt car stays original. The look of every single body panel is changed. It all starts in our car design studio. Even a bespoke interior is designed. Then it is handmade with our suppliers. For example, unique colour and trim options. These are applied to the headlining. Also unique Alcantara seats are installed. The carpets, for instance, are new. The doors are redesigned. And last but not least: another unique idea. A one-off set of dials. Designed and made only for the Breadvan Hommage. Coachbuilding. At its very best!


Hand-made one-off dials for our coachbuilt V12

Special elements can be found throughout the interior of the coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage. For instance, the one of the jewellery items in the interior: the dials. Seven uniquely styled meters. Car design taken to the next level. They are hand made entirely. These handmade dials differ greatly from factory-produced ones. For example, a professional dial maker pieces every part of a handmade dials together. This takes time. Therefore, properly handmade dials in cars are much rarer. In addition, the fact is that a dial maker can only output a certain number of items per day. So, this means in production cars they aren’t found anymore. Above all, the dials in our Breadvan Hommage consist of top-notch materials. For example, we use silver to construct specific elements. This is high-quality craftsmanship. And it is found in every detail. The materials are beautiful. The design of the facia durable and unique. 


Bespoke dials for our car: coachbuilding in optima forma

First all dials will be taken apart. We opt for the highest quality of screen printing for the dials, custom-made CNC parts and sometimes therefore technically complex designs. The tiny lines indicating speed or RPM will not be a flat, printed line. They are silver elements. These elements are so tiny they are too small for many companies to make. We have even looked at using a silversmith for constructing these miniscule precious metal parts! The silver elements are so tiny a photograph with a phone is hard. They are connected in pairs because of the minimum size of the production process. After production they are taken apart and polished. The needles are painted.

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