Breadvan_update_064: car personalization programme

Breadvan_update_064: car personalization programme

Build your own dream car

All Niels van Roij Design coachbuilt cars deliver a unique emotional impact. In the early days, owners had huge freedom of choice in terms of the design of their motorcar. Ranging from fabrics, leathers, woods, colours and finishes of their cars. Therefore, these efforts were resulting in genuinely one-off creations. So, tailored minutely to their individual desires and tastes. Nowadays many manufacturers offer their customers a range of programmes that enable details of their car to be tailored according to personal taste. However, proper hand constructed cars, designed and configured exactly around customers’ requirements is extremely hard to come by. As a result, the Niels van Roij Design offering is unique. In other words, you can choose any car and model as a blanc canvas and build your own personal. Consequently, this type of customisation opens new spaces. Above all, the exclusive service is for those customers who want to customise each element of their car for a perfect fit.


Car design atelier

For example, through our design services the client of the Breadvan Hommage reflects his sporting soul. Certainly, this car is a mix between heritage and innovation. For instance, this specific customer takes inspiration from car heritage from the ‘60’s. He has, with us, adapted the exterior and interior design according to his own taste. Meanwhile the final renders seen on this page show he has been given maximum freedom of choice with regard to the shapes he prefers. Thus enabling an unprecedented level of exclusivity to be achieved. In other words, a true one-off car. So, with our partners we designed and constructed a range of new solutions. Therefore the base car will look like nothing else. Consequently this conversion is extensive. For instance, only the windshield will stay OEM. A truly exclusive design. It namely is the result of continuous design experimentation and the influence of both classic cars and new trends from the automotive industry.


Car colour without compromise

The car will soon receive its paint. We will show you the process of this through the coming updates. As all of our cars, our Breadvan Hommage will be hand-painted. And we will be achieving a mirror-like finish. This takes hours of meticulous sanding and hand-polishing. When it comes to the overall finish of this coachbuilt motorcar, there really are no compromises. Painstaking precision is vital for this. Achieving the flawless red colour and piano-shine finish is nothing short of extraordinary. Precision is a significant factor behind the success of the paintwork. And that level of perfection is never easy to achieve. The customer commissioning the Breadvan Hommage dares to push our bespoke team. He asked our team to create a colour that matched the bright red of classic Italian sportscars. With only a very subtle twist.

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