Breadvan_update_063: bespoke car design

Breadvan_update_063: bespoke car design

Car design

For our one-off coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage we are exploring a see-through bonnet scoop, or hood scoop integrated on the top of the bonnet. Sometimes these known as airdams. This is an upraised intake installed on the hood our Breadvan Hommage. The original Breadvan had one, so we are looking into which design to install one on our Breadvan Hommage. The bonnet scoop allows a flow of air to directly enter the engine compartment. This was much needed for the original Breadvan. For our car the flow of air will be mainly needed to cool the V12 engine down by letting fresh air in and hot air out. The bonnet scoop that will be made has now been chosen. It is subtle and visually sunk into the bonnet. A small faceted edge defines the shape of the bonnet.


Car design for coachbuilding

For the Breadvan Hommage every single body panel of the base vehicle is changed. This means every element, except for the windscreen. At the front, for example, a redesign of the fenders is executed. Also the bonnet is heavily changed. It features two new intakes on the lower edge of the bonnet. These two will not just be there for looks. The two large nostrils in the lower section of the bonnet will improve cooling of the V12 engine. The air intake in the middle of the bonnet of the original car will be deleted. The two air intakes on the bottom will feature air pipes directing the fresh incoming air towards the OEM intakes of the engine. This will make the two air intakes not only look great, but function equally well. Car design: form follows function.


One-off car design

The two intake elements will be sculpturally integrated into the metal. A proper integrated look, rather than cut out holes into the body. This is similar to the air vents at the side of the Breadvan Hommage, on the fenders. Those behind the driver on the side of the car are also very sculptural, featuring facetted edges and curved panels. Even the headlights are specifically designed and made for this car too. We considered using the original lamps, which just did not look good enough. We have also discussed using different OEM lamps. However, these headlights are designed for this car. In other words: these are not carry-over parts. They are more narrow and make space used for the two air intakes. Also the original front bumper is completely changed. And the front bumper intakes and graphics are re-designed completely.

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