Breadvan_update_061: hood scoop design

Breadvan_update_061: hood scoop design

proposals for the hood scoop design

We designed a selection of different iterations for the coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage hood scoop. So, these are different proposals for the patron to review and select from. Therefore, a number of them are shaped rather radically. Others are more tuned down ideas. As a result, some are smaller, whilst others continue as far as the windscreen. And some take a large surface of the bonnet. So, a lot of possibilities to explore! The bonnet scoop on this first proposal is subtle. It features a small bulge in the surface. With a facet around it. It is designed in a V-shape. Consequently, this design flows nicely along with the volume in the hood. Tip is designed in metal. It is painted the bespoke red paint like the aluminium body work of the Breadvan Hommage. A modern interpretation of what could be seen on several iconic design, race cars in the 1960’s.


Car design renders for the coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage

The second proposal is the most retro variant. For instance, it features an L-profile, riveted to the hood. Two cooling holes are applied left and right in the dome. It visually extends all the way towards the windscreen. The piece of sheet metal from the hole towards the windscreen is finished in black. So, is it less visible. That is to say, a full opening towards the glass is not a possibility. Because, this would weaken the structural integrity. The third option is a more modern power dome. In other words, flattened from above, so the driver can look over it. The unit is slightly pushed into the bonnet and features a facet in the hood. Two cooling holes on the left and right sides of the dome are visible. The hole at the front is larger than the one at the back: this graphic is reminiscent of the headlights.


Coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage hood scoop design

The fourth of the options we can share in this post is a not overly radical or outspoken design. In other words, this ideas is soft, rounded, friendly but significant in its specific applications of curves and volumes. For example, it features a facetted border around it. This gives the bonnet more visual strength and volume, as if it is a more solid piece. For instance, imagine cutting a shape out of clay, is shows a similar facet. This facets indicates a certain thickness. The design follows the volume in the bonnet. Above all, this uniquely sculpted V-shape is emphasized through the design of this specific piece. Two cooling holes are designed into the material. Subsequently, these can be seen on the left and right hand side of the rendering, in the dome. This specific design does not extend to the windscreen.

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