Breadvan_update_059: car design for coachbuilding

Breadvan_update_059: car design for coachbuilding

Car design for coachbuilding

We have shared many photos on the all-important rear end of the Breadvan Hommage. Now a focus on the business end: the front. Starting with the initial, rough ideation sketches. For our car design for coachbuilding activities of course the initial ideas are very important. Therefore, designing a bespoke car is all about questioning the question. What are the wishes behind the wish. And what we do to make a suitable car design? Consequently, what vision does the client truly has in mind? As a result, rough sketches and drawings are made with a simple black BIC pen on a white sheet of A4 paper. They are also often referred to as doodles. In other words, the doodles are the experiment. A very broad and open search. In one of these many 100’s of sketches, the key sketch will appear. This sketch defines the project.


Car design renderings

So, the doodles are the starting point for another loop of selection and improving. However, the entire design process goes from funnel to funnel. For instance, after a strong and fierce selection procedure on head lamp designs – the first funnel – another funnel appears. And again, and again. The sketches and renderings are developed into more detail. These sketches are the base for the clay model. In case of the Breadvan Hommage, every single body panel is changed. Every element, except for the windscreen. At the front, this means, for example, a redesign of the fenders, the bonnet, the headlights and the bumper. The full body render shows what the Breadvan Hommage will look like when finished. On the images the car can be seen without its headlights and front bumper. Now most of the rear is finished, the front is ready to be changed!

Car design

The design of the other elements on the nose is well on its way. Together with the best suppliers this car design work is done. For the redesign of the fenders, this is coachbuilder Bas. He will also work his magic on the bonnet. This will feature two large nostrils in the lower section of the bonnet. These will improve cooling of the V12 engine. The two elements will be sculpturally integrated into the bonnet. Similar to the air vents at the side of the Breadvan Hommage, on the fenders. And also those behind the driver in the side of the car. The headlights will be reduced in with. And the front bumper intakes and graphics are re-designed completely.

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