Breadvan_update_058: coachbuilt body fixated

Breadvan_update_058: coachbuilt body fixated

Coachbuilt body fixated

On these images the rear end of our Breadvan Hommage design can be seen finished by coachbuilder Bas van Roomen. Similarly to how, for instance, a tailor made suit is made, the body is made from different pieces. When all individual elements are finished, they are welded together by Bas. Now, as one unit, they make the three-dimensional body, as per our design. A design made through endless sketches and renderings. This rear-unit is test fitted on the car first. Then, the body is been taken off again. It is separated from the base vehicle, as one piece. The car then is prepared by the coachbuilder with brackets and supports. These are made to have the new body fixated to the chassis of the base vehicle. The base vehicle can be seen with only the structure to support the coachbuilt rear end unit.


Car design and coachbuilding

Shown together with a selection of the design sketches, the car and the design sketches come alive. In other words, the volumes, proportions, surfacing and jewellery are translated into a real car. As a result, every sweeping line we design is made by Bas from sheets of aluminium. But, to achieve the volumes needed out of a sheet, he can only stretch, shrink and bend them. He does this manually as well as with machines. Within the process of going from a car design sketch to a coachbuilt car, this specific period is special. As several of the photos shown on this page are actually made from within the Breadvan Hommage body. A rather unique perspective which obviously will only be possible during construction! It is a unique peak into the kitchen of the world of coachbuilder and that of car design. Seeing the volumes and lines from within.


Car design sketches and renderings

Ideation sketches as seen on this page too, are very important in automotive design. Automotive, either for coachbuilding or for mass production, is about the search and experiment. However, this is only truly achievable in a handmade sketch. To clarify: the doodles, sketches and renderings help with finding new aesthetic discoveries. And, they also illuminate ideas that don’t work. All sketches are presented together. Seeing them all on one wall helps the design and construction team and the customer to see what works. Eventually this process will produce a so called key sketch: the one sketch to be developed into more elaborated, rendered ideas. Coachbuilder Bas made a clay model of this sketch. And based on that clay model the coachbuilt body fixated was constructed.

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