Breadvan_update_056: emblem emboss

Breadvan_update_056: emblem emboss

Emblem emboss

Last week we shared how coachbuilder Bas van Roomen has made tools for the badges. These tools are made specifically for this project. Only, actually, for integrating the badges into the B-pillar. Making an emblem emboss helps to visually integrate the badges in the design of the Breadvan Hommage. Almost all details in the bodywork are hammered by hand. Bas is using mechanical tools for this or hammers. Sometimes a sand bag beating will be applied to beat the aluminium into place. Bas does all this body shaping work without the use of a hard mould. However, the Niels van Roij Design logos are so tight and precise, making the embossed shape is only possible with a steel mould. Bas mills these tools from a solid block of steel.

Making the badge emboss shape

Bas places the mould precisely on the inside of the aluminium body panel. He then screws it against the body in the centre of the mould. Then, when the mould is fixed with clamps to the body, the recess is hammered into shape. This is done by hand through the use of hammers and spades. On the images the process is clearly shown. Bas has integrated the badge in the middle of the B-pillar. We have discussed the exact placement of the badge. Not just the location on the car. Because the badge could be applied on many places. For instance, in some cases we place our badges on the front fender. First the decision was made to put the badge on the B-pillar. We then tried different locations on the B-pillar. The final place is in the middle of the body.


Emblems similar to ancient Greek architects

But looks can be deceiving! The badge actually is not in the middle of the car. The extreme viewing angle, of the low Breadvan Hommage, in fact visually forces the form into a different than designed and desired shape. So, we have to cancel out perspective. This is similar to how ancient Greek architects counteracted the deformity that comes with visual perspective. Like the Greek temples it is important that all parts of the Breadvan Hommage are seen in their correct perspective and proportions. The Greek architects neutralized the ocular deception by an adjustment of proportions. So, we placed the badge slightly higher than the in the middle of the body. It is about half a badge higher than the exact middle of the B-pillar. This makes the badge looks less saggy and it catches the light a little bit better.

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