Breadvan_update_054: special car interior

Breadvan_update_054: special car interior

Alcantara and leather

Our coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage will feature big changes to the interior. Classic models inspires the design. Therefore, the design started with researching old race cars. There is a lot of character in these distinctive car designs. In addition, we looked at trim and materials installed on those hand-made cars. In other words, classic sports cars were very important and inspirational for this coachbuilt design. However, we do take car design liberties. We push our car design project into the future. For instance, our design will boast many new ideas. New materials and colours. The V12 base vehicle is only changed in a relevant way. Due to research done. Sjoerd Brouwers from B&B Designs executes the interior design work. With our bespoke seat design, we chose to pronounce original volumes and proportions. We honour the original Breadvan and the base vehicle.


Embroidered logo

The subtle headrest embroidery stand out just enough. The logo is the exact right size. The colour of thread used is slightly lighter compared to the Alcantara. This coloured thread is complementary to the seat. This makes the contrast between the Alcantara and the stitches sufficient, rather than strong. The headrests embroidery is depicturing the outline of the Breadvan Hommage. Captured in only a few striking lines. Alcantara is one of the most beautiful materials and relevant for our one-off car design. It comes straight from the world of exclusive cars and racing. The subtle ornamental aspect of the headrest embroidery in the hand-made seats showcase our eye for detail. This coachbuilt motorcar is a design exercise of nuance. The simple lines in the logo on the headrest are celebrating the Breadvan Hommage exterior design. An ode to cars, car design and racing, through stitching and embroidery.


Special car interior

Special elements can be found throughout the interior of the motorcar. We have designed unique dials. Therefore, this means seven uniquely styled meters. They are hand made entirely. In other words, handmade dials differ greatly from factory-produced ones. For instance, a professional dial maker pieces every part of a handmade dials together. This takes a lot of time. Also, handmade dials in cars are much rarer. The fact is that a dial maker can only output a certain number of items per day. In production cars they aren’t found anymore. The dials consist of top-notch materials. For example, we use silver to construct the face. Above all, high-quality craftsmanship found in every detail. The materials are beautiful, the design of the facia durable and unique.

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