Breadvan_update_052: One year of coachbuilding

Breadvan_update_052: One year of coachbuilding

One year of coachbuilding

We are now one year into designing and coachbuilding the Breadvan Hommage. Time for a bit of a celebration! When you deconstruct the design of any of the Niels van Roij coachbuilding efforts, you’ll find theatrical stories. For instance on craftsmanship. And engineering. On having an eye for detail. And luxury. Luxury prepared specifically on client requests. Because, above all, at Niels van Roij Design we want to always be focused on our customer. As a coachbuilder we meet their exact needs. We contribute to their lifestyle. Niels van Roij Design is not looking at a roll out pattern. Each new coachbuilt car is seen as an individual solution. One coachbuilding solution to a particular context and client at the time. Because, we focus on the individual. No two coachbuilt cars by Niels van Roij Design are ever the same.


Custom car design

The more inspiration you have to work with, the more you can customise. Most important: we will help you through all options. Just like we did with the patron of the Breadvan Hommage. We made many 100s of sketches. You are in charge. In addition, we make the design process enjoyable. At Niels van Roij Design craft and technology meet. This sets our design and coachbuilding atelier apart. For example, this ranges from state-of-the-art computer equipment to the skillset of our craftspeople. In other words, we can create a design specifically suitable for you. Due to personal conversations we make your coachbuilt car absolutely special to you. For example, our team can make something as understated as a subtle initial. Or with a subtle outline on the headrest. Coachbuilds are the ultimate expression of the patron. A total one-off.


Breadvan Hommage

Our cars are conceived and designed by craftspeople and designers. There are some fairly special examples of what this service extends to. Our Breadvan Hommage is a great example of this. Only the windscreen stays original. Every single body panel is changed. And even a bespoke, interior is handmade. For example, a one-off set of dials. Unique colour and trim options applied to the headlining, seats, carpets and doors. From the endless paint options possible we’ve made 8 different samples. The owner now has a specific colour of red, tailored specifically for the Breadvan Hommage. The interior is comprised of machined aluminium parts. And carbon fibre seats. It features detailing in beautiful black leather and blue Alcantara. An attitude about the individual is the philosophy behind all of the coachbuilding and car design team’s work.

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