Breadvan_update_049: car design bespoke dashboard

Breadvan_update_049: car design bespoke dashboard

Renderings for a bespoke dashboard

The OEM interior of the Breadvan Hommage base car is a great place to be. However, it needs change to become a truly one-off bespoke dashboard. The colours and materials of the base car interior are too simple: black on black. Firstly, it needs to match with the exterior design theme. Secondly, we will make the vehicle more outspoken. Many detailed renderings of unique interior changes were made. These drawings showcase the possibilities. It forms the fundament for our enhancements. We’ve designed different themes. The blue Alcantara is now applied to the interior. A bold choice by our daring client. It is featuring both subtle customisations and more bold car design statements. Exquisite individual details are specifically important in a one-off motorcar interior. On a close and personal level people interact with a car interior. Specifically a bespoke interior. Moreover, the tactile experiences are of paramount importance for that reason.


Leather and Alcantara door panels

Upholstery specialist Sjoerd works by the best of automotive traditions. As this one-off motorcar is based on a vintage racer, the team has a lot to live up to. Therefore, our Breadvan Hommage is the automotive equivalent of haute couture. The artisanship of the craftspeople will evident in every detail. This commissioned motorcar will boast a bespoke interior design. Subsequently, this means everything will be hand-tailored. As mentioned, visual clutter will be removed. For instance, the lower door panel is stripped. The map pockets have gone. A visually simple arm is designed for the door. It will support driver and passenger in the more spirited driving experiences. The grab handle on the door will also be removed. This will be cleaning up the design even further. We will integrate the top unit of the arm rest in the design, so it’s not a separate part.


Embroidered logo in headrests: car interior design

The details are not the details. Therefore, the headrests feature elegant embroidered logos. This is a subtle and creative decoration. Depicturing the outline of the Breadvan Hommage. Captured in only a few striking lines. Embedded in the Alcantara of the seat. This is one of the most beautiful materials, straight from the world of racing. This subtle ornamental aspect in the hand-made seats showcase the eye for detail. We design the interior with the same attention as the exterior. For instance, Beautiful, tactile and flawless materials. They help making the interior come alive. Niels van Roij Design leaves every patron a completely free hand to choose. For example, from the option of colours to the layout of gauges. And even the application of extraordinary materials. Everything is possible. An exclusive character is ensured.

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