Breadvan_update_048: car design and coachbuilding

Breadvan_update_048: car design and coachbuilding

Car design and coachbuilding

Car design is about looking forward. Today, however, we look back at some of the work we did with unseen photo’s made during car design and coachbuilding process. Niels van Roij Design is working with a true car enthusiast. Car design and coachbuilding the Breadvan Hommage. The patron decided the base car for his dream project had to be true to the vehicle used to build the original Breadvan. Its bodywork was based on a 2-seat grand tourer. Moreover, it is boasting a front-engined V12 with manual transmission. As a result the car he bought marked the return to a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, this is the choice of car for our client. A historically very significant car to the brand and conceptually an exceptional match for our conversion.


Automotive design: clay modelling

The very first iteration of the clay model is made on the bespoke steel frame. We are working from back to front on this specific car for several reasons. One of them is the fact we run several sub-projects connected to the car. The interior parts and bespoke headlights for instance. More important is that the rear-end will be changed most significantly compared to the original hard points. It is important to balance the new volumes with the base car parameters. The clay model will be changed often. We’re closely cooperating during the process of applying and changing clay to the desired shape. Through photos, videos, calls and visits to the workshop the focus is on fine-tuning the design ideas. As they were made on paper they need translating into a shape which works in real perspective. All changes are based on our continuously ongoing design work.


Coachbuilding a one-off body

The clay model was first made exactly matching the sketches. This work was then judged in real life. After this feedback loop a re-design process started. It means we go back to the drawing board and new sketches are made. In some cases the clay is changed, to only visually match the sketch. In these circumstances the extreme viewing angle, of the low Breadvan Hommage, in fact visually forced the form into a different than designed and desired shape. We then have to cancel out perspective. This is similar to how ancient Greek architects counteracted the deformity that comes with visual perspective. Like the Greek temples it is important that all parts of the Breadvan Hommage are seen in their correct shape and size. The Greek architects neutralized the ocular deception by an adjustment of proportions. This was then made into the aluminium skin of the lightweight body.

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