Breadvan_update_042: car design

Breadvan_update_042: car design

One-off car

The Breadvan Hommage car design will feature a bespoke interior. Therefore, we design and construct many new elements. For example, new door panels, centre stack and instrument cluster are an important part of the redesign. Lightweight components will replace OEM units. Consequently, the newly designed elements will have their own character. Cleaned of clutter. The team will use a unique blend of materials. We will apply black leather and blue Alcantara. Above all, the aim is to achieve a look of sportiness. The leather wrapped dasboard will link with the design of the original Breadvan, for example. We will use black leather elsewhere too. For instance to cover the headliner. We apply a special quilted pattern in different places. Ensuring a consistent design. Above all, this will blend all parts harmoniously. The upholsterer will also install blue Alcantara elements. A subtle touch. But, very important for good tactile properties.

Car interior design

In this photo shoot we show a part of the design process. Worth mentioning is the applications of the various high-end materials. In the interior Alcantara Signal Blue, for instance, is important. This colour is applied to the seats and details. We have shown the design of the embroidered headrests. Executed in a thread that matches the Signal Blue Alcantara. It generates a pronounced logo. Special extra thick padding foam will ensure more sculptural shapes in the seats. The internals of the seat bolsters are redone too. To make them extra supportive during spirited driving. Specialised upholstery material is used for stiffening the belt holes in the seats. Alcantara piping is made afterwards. To this piece a triple stitch is applied. To the back of the carbon seats it is applied. It will surround the seatbelts holes.

Exterior design

On these photos we show the overview of the design. Design renderings are shown for interior and exterior . Both should speak the same language. And they should look consistent together. Visually the exterior should match the interior. So, for instance, the door grab handle will be removed. This will clean up the design even further. We will integrate the top unit of the arm rest in the door design. Rather than making it a separate part. We re-upholster each interior panel. Some panels we strengthen before installation. The technicians and upholsterers will follow the design sketches, renderings and tape lines to achieve this. The team makes metal elements by hand for the interior. These will exactly fit into interior apertures.

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