Breadvan_update_040: hand made interior

Breadvan_update_040: hand made interior

Bespoke hand made interior

To determine the right colours and materials of the hand made interior the team first sat down with the customer to discuss his ideas and wishes. This meeting is key. The team makes a choice of all interior colours and materials. This was important in order to properly coordinate colours and materials used in later stages. This is critical to guarantee the highest possible achievements in terms of finish, quality and design originality. First all old covers have to be loosened. Secondly, they will be laid flat on working tables. The exact measurements are then copied over to the Alcantara. These pieces will be subsequently foamed with padding. After this they were stitched and assembled. The degree of difficulty in this work is mainly in the fitting of the covers back on the seats. In the factory the covers are glued. So there are no mounting tunnels, hook strips or any other mounting system.


Embroidered logo

After discussing many options for the exact design of the Breadvan Hommage logo we decided to have a selection of tests executed. These logos were embroidered on a separate piece of Alcantara. In order to gain a good insight into the logo and its characteristics this test piece was essential. A final selection of colour, thread and line thickness was made. After this, it was ultimately incorporated into the headrest part of the seats. Subsequently, after ordering the materials, upholsterer Sjoerd completely removed the old material and dismantled the seat frames. The seat foam packages are first checked. The upholsterer will renew pieces where needed. The work the upholsterer has been able to carry out so far relates to the complete manufacture of both the driver and the front passenger seat. Signal Blue Alcantara is used throughout the Breadvan Hommage interior. Matching with many race car seats in the 1960’s.


Alcantara and Nappa leather

Since it is of the utmost importance the stitching flows nicely along the seats, putting everything in place takes time. The surfaces in the middle of the seats are made in a similar way to the original. As an ode to the design of the base car patterns. For instance, in the new Alcantara covers, similar lines are used. Albeit more pronounced by added foam. Work is currently underway on finishing the coachbuilt bodywork. As soon as this is ready, the upholsterer will start work on the bespoke door panels. The materials chosen for these panels will consist of a combination of Signal Blue Alcantara and black Nappa leather. The newly designed centre stack as well as the manual will be reupholstered. To these items the same materials will be applied. Because these small items deserve equal attention to detail.

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