Breadvan_update_039: coachbuilding body

Breadvan_update_039: coachbuilding body

Coachbuilding the Breadvan Hommage

Admired by our client very much is the original Breadvan’s straight roof. Therefore, he asked us to reimagine this feature. Also translated into his one-off motor car are many other unique design elements. With our Breadvan Hommage we create a unique vehicle for our car collecting client. The intention is to use a modern aesthetic. As a result, the Breadvan Hommage will boast its very own timeless character. The design will reinterpret the classic original. Instead of being a retrospective vehicle. Consequently our Breadvan Hommage will be respectful yet un-nostalgic ode to the past. Our coachbuilding motorcar design will feature minimalistic, gentleman racer looks. Clean, sophisticated and calm, rather than aggressive and violent. In the images the surfacing can be seen. Clamps or temporary screws hold the pieces together. The panels are almost shaped to perfection.


The coachbuilding of Breadvan Hommage body

Coachbuilder Bas van Roomen constructs the surfacing, or skin of the car. This artisan will shape the entire car. Integrated into the design are exquisite individual details. Made to fit the patron of the vehicle. For instance, subtle surface changes. Small shifts in direction of the material. Another example are intricate crisp details. Only possible to achieve through the hands of handcraftsman. Our design will complement the look of the base car too. It was an important vehicle and we are to honour it. The rear fenders of our coachbuilding body project being finalised now. Several pieces of compound curved aluminium form the fenders. The elements are welded together so neatly and tightly, there is no need to re-work the weld itself. This way of working is historically significant. The original car was made in a very similar manner.


The coachbuilder and his craft

The roof panel and fenders are test fitted on top of the custom made frame. Above all, the surface of the aluminium is smoothened at this stage. The craftsmanship of the coachbuilder has translated the clay into aluminium. The interpretation of volumes, shapes and surfaces from paper via clay to aluminium has certainly been a complex task. Most importantly, the finalised surfaces of the car now become visible. The tailored body elements will later be fixed to the frame permanently. This will be done only once all panels are exactly right and the entire new skin fits the bones of the car like a glove. Further, worth mentioning is the very subtle indication of strength around the rear wheel. The facets around the wheel wells feature a crisp change of direction on the top. Whilst the front and back of the facet are smoothened to almost match the fender.

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