Breadvan_update_035: Door panels final taping

Breadvan_update_035: Door panels final taping

Bespoke interior

The Breadvan Hommage will feature a bespoke interior. Therefore, constructing a new door panel is an important part of the redesign. A lightweight unit will replace the OEM panel. Consequently, these door panels will be minimalistic. Cleaned of clutter. The team will use a unique blend of materials. We will apply black leather and blue Alcantara. Above all, the aim is to achieve a look of sportiness. The leather wrapped base will link with the design of the original Breadvan, for example. We will be using black leather elsewere too. For instance to cover the headliner. A special quilted pattern will make a consistent design. Above all, this will blend the different parts harmoniously. We will even cover the new centre stack in leather. The upholsterer will install blue Alcantara elements. A subtle touch. Those important for their tactile properties.


Leather and alcantara door panels

Our upholstery specialist work by the best of automotive traditions. As this one-off motorcar is based on a vintage race model, the team has a lot to live up to. Therefore, our Breadvan Hommage is the automotive equivalent of haute couture. The artisanship of the craftspeople will evident in every detail. This commissioned motorcar will boast a bespoke interior design. Subsequently, this means everything will be hand-tailored. As mentioned, visual clutter will be removed. For instance, the lower door panel will be stripped. The map pockets will go. A visually simple arm rest will be installed instead. There for support in the more spirited driving experiences. The grab handle will also be removed. This will be cleaning up the design even further. We will integrate the top unit of the arm rest in the design. Rather than being a separate part.


Car interior

On the panel, at this stage the final tape lines are drawn. Outlining the centre piece design of the door panel well is key. It will be made out of metal. Inspired by interiors found in classic race cars. But taken to a modern, non-retrospective level. Fine-tuning the tape lines and future surfaces of this centre piece can be seen in the images. The heavy outer line is the edge of the metal element. The thinner inner line is the opening within this panel. A lightweight door pull strap will be attached inside of this opening. This race tech inspired element will be both functional and beautiful. And as details are not the details, we will feature small but significant jewellery. A logo outlining the Italian heritage of this motorcar.

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