Breadvan_update_033: Door panel

Breadvan_update_033: Door panel

Door panel

At Niels van Roij Design we continually advance our car design and coachbuilding work. Therefore, the Breadvan Hommage even aims at styling and constructing a new door panel design. As giving the patron a unique experience is key. We achieve this through the product. And also via the process and technologies involved. As a result, we can provide solutions that meet OEM standards and customers’ ever-increasing requirements for styling and comfort. We also enhance our customers’ experience through engineered craftsmanship. Consequently, these panels will be lightweight and cleaned from visual clutter. An unique leather and Alcantara blend for look of luxury and sportiness will cover the panel. For example, these handmade leather wrapped door panels are another way we help our customers differentiate their automobiles.


Stitched and leather wrapped door panel

Our leather working specialist work by the best traditions. Above all, their artisanship is evident. Clearly seen in products purchased by Niels van Roij Design most discerning consumers. We produce automotive exteriors and interiors for clients around the world. With facilities in central Europe. This one-off motorcar is based on a vintage race model, which has reportedly sold for an eight-figure sum. A pivate client commissioned the Breadvan Hommage. He came to Niels van Roij Design with an idea for a one-off car. He is a connoisseur and collector of distinctive, automobiles. Therefore, Breadvan Hommage is the automotive equivalent of haute couture. Subsequently, to fit this specific customer it is hand-tailored.


Working alongside the client

This customer shared in the creative process. We advised him in his wishes. Working alongside the client, our design team developed a car that looked back to the coachbuilt races of the 1960s. However, the car is also incorporating unique modern touches. At this stage tapes are put on the panel. For instance outlining the centre piece design. The two-seater Breadvan Hommage features a clean, modern interior. As well as details inspired by interiors of classic cars. The OEM door panels are enhanced. Their shape and materials changed. Its interior is designed to look seamless. The client wanted the two-seater vehicle to be minimal and modern. Black leathers are combined with blue Alcantara. Breadvan Hommage is proof, today, that coachbuilding is here to stay. We are listening carefully to our most special customers and assessing their interest in investing in similar, completely exclusive coachbuilt masterpieces.

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