Breadvan_update_032: Bumper bespoke design

Breadvan_update_032: Bumper bespoke design

Coachbuilt sportscar

Coachbuilding the Breadvan Hommage in this case means redesigning the entire body. The coachbuilder of the project will construct the aluminium body. His craftsmanship is truly special. The craft and artistry of a coachbuilder is unique. A special expertise. The know-how and mastery of coachbuilding an automobile is a dying virtuosity. The automotive design work goes from sketch to clay modelling. And then to custom body made out of aluminium. The bespoke body work can be seen on the sketch boards with ideation sketches. However, the unique body also has a one off front bumper design. The sketches show many ideas for a tailor-made front bumper. A typical example of our car personalisation services. Craftspeople will make the bumper by hand.


Bumper redesigned

The distinctive design of the front will feature a hand-finished bespoke bonnet. With the iconic two individual intakes. Above all, this car will boast uniquely made headlights, developed by the design team. In other words, subtle customisations. Bold statements. Exquisite individual details. This is coachbuilding by Niels van Roij Design. For exampl, the details of the exterior are all individual design statements. This bumper will feature a colour-coded front splitter. Therefore, its styling complements the lines of the body and will be exquisitely produced. A uniquely personal motorcar. The elaborate tailored body modifications are one of a kind. Most importantly, for this creation customising the front by installing a personalised front bumper was needed. As a result, the car looks wider and lower because of the new graphics in the bumper. In conclusion, two large round intakes are sitting next to the central intake.


Racecar looks

Most importantly, the truly unique front end of the original is not copied into the new car. Therefore, we’re pushing the bespoke body of the bespoke commission into the future. As a result, the graceful lines of the design of the bonnet are completed by the graphics of the central intake. The handcrafted bumper boats sophisticated volumes and a three-dimensional interpretation of the original. This car is completely one of a kind. So is the carefully curated front bumper. Completely by hand the bumper is shaped. The process is discussed and monitored every step of the way. Similarly, the same goes for the surfacing of the intakes. Likewise, for the roundedness or straightness of lines. Subsequently, each action and direction in the material has to match the other components.

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