Breadvan_update_031: Monogrammed headrests

Breadvan_update_031: Monogrammed headrests

Monogrammed details

All interiors designed by Niels van Roij Design are individually tailored. They are designed to each customer’s exacting expectations. We’re using only the very best individually selected materials. Therefore, these materials are consistent to the car. As a result, they match heritage and the owner. The materials are crafted together by hand. Consequently, they create the most relevant interior. However, there is a near endless range of different materials. In other words, choosing the right ones is quite the search. Ranging from the finest Italian leathers to a cloth’s, Tweeds and Alcantara. We have material available in 1000’s of colours. However, what is required for the Breadvan Hommage? On top of the material options we’ve got endless stitching options. For example, contrast stitching in a different colour. Or should it match the interior? The seat centres in a different contrasting colour and material? Here share a selection of the try-outs.


Bespoke headrests embroidery

Our coachbuilding and design team will make significant changes to the interior. The coachbuilt Breadvan Hommage will be a true one-off. The exterior exudes purpose. The Breadvan Hommage interior promises absolute sportiness. Above all, the work of our upholsterers is evident in every detail. Certainly a sentiment that runs true with all details. Including one of the pieces designed to enhance this motorcar’s interior. Subsequently, the iconic outline of the exterior design is the start. Its embroidered into the headrests of this car as a monogram. We have shared how this has been made. On our social media you can find movies of it being stitches into the headrest. However, this is a rather special piece of the design of this motorcar. A highly contrasting thread it is not. Nor a colour-matched example. The individual style of the patron of this motorcar is one of subtlety.


Alcantara with understated decoration

The sophisticated embroidered outline design is enhancing the headrests elegantly. It is a design exercise of nuance. The colour of thread used is slightly lighter. This coloured thread is complementary. Not high contrast, but only slightly lighter compared to the Alcantara blue. Sufficient contrast indeed. The simple lines in the logo on the headrest are celebrating the Breadvan Hommage exterior design. An ode through stitching and embroidery. Highly experienced artisans make the upholstery team. They have many years of experience to their credit. The humble sewing machine has always played an integral part in the story of coachbuilding. The hand-crafted interiors we design are synonymous individuality and coachbuilding. This is thanks in part to these machines and, of course, the craftspeople who operate them.

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