Breadvan_update_025: Interior colour and materials

Breadvan_update_025: Interior colour and materials

Craftsmanship, artistry and expertise

In the interior of our coachbuilt one of a kind car we will make significant changes. Skilled craftspeople will execute the interior transformation. We rely on their artistry and expertise. Coachbuilding the Breadvan Hommage means choosing relevant tailor-made interior materials and sophisticated colours.  In an earlier update we showed three different interior design proposals. One of them will be realised. We think it is exciting to move from these sketches, drawings and doodles towards tangible materials. The custom interior of our design will be based on the wishes of the patron and the research we did as coachbuilder. For instance, this bespoke commission reflects the owners aspirations and items from heritage models. This is the essence of our personalisation services. The journey we go through with our team is one of inspiration, a genuinely personal collaboration.


Customisation is about curiosity and creativity

Our research can touch the world of art and design and of course looks at classic cars too. However, as a collective we are soaking up the character of objects, materials, colours and textures too. The craft of customisation is about curiosity and creativity. After research we translate ideas into design sketches. For instance, which trim enhancements are needed? In other words which hand-finished bespoke customisations we need to design? We made many decisions along the way. Which materials should we apply for this sports car? The design team was confident a bold statement was needed for the interior. So, the Breadvan Hommage interior will boast carefully curated exquisite individual details. The original seat is shown in one of the pictures.


Anything is possible, so the choices are endless

We are completely customising the carbon fibre seats of our limited edition car. In the photos the experiment is visible with the thickness of the embroidered headrest logo. We are also discussing the colour and material of the stitches and the way they are applied to the seat material. Should the stitches be colour-coded to the seat? And shall the seats be reupholstered with leather hides, cloth or alcantara? Should that material match the exterior colours? When anything is possible, the choices to be made in the workshop are endless. And the only limit is ones imagination. In conclusion: it takes a lot of experiment, trial and error and tests to go from a piece of paper, via a computer screen, to tastefully tailored interior modifications.

Photos by Luuk van Kaathoven.

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