Breadvan_update_024: Clay model fourth iteration

Breadvan_update_024: Clay model fourth iteration

Synthetic automotive clay

Welcome back to the workshop and the clay modelling process. The layer of synthetic automotive clay has been changed many times since the last update. The surface of this kinetic sculpture to be, is increasingly smooth too. The synthetic material is continuously developed and redesigned over and over again. Obvious changes, compared to the base car, are the newly shaped wide shoulders. Eventually the entire wing of this commissioned custom motorcar will be beaten from a flat piece of aluminium. Bas van Roomen can be seen using the industrial plasticine on the photos. We’re closely following the clay modelling stage through photos, videos calls and visits to the workshop.


Counteracting perspective deformity like Greek architects

All changes are based on our ongoing design work. Shaping the Breadvan Hommage is an energetic collaboration between different craftspeople. It is a highly labour intensive and iterative process. The clay model was first made exactly matching the sketches. This work was then judged in real life. After this feedback loop a re-design process started. It means we go back to the drawing board and new sketches are made.

In some cases the clay is changed, to only visually match the sketch. In these circumstances the extreme viewing angle, of the low Breadvan Hommage, in fact visually forced the form into a different shape. We then have to cancel out perspective. This is similar to how ancient Greek architects counteracted the deformity that comes with visual perspective. For instance, objects and shapes appear smaller as they are far away. Like the Greek temples it is important that all parts of the Breadvan Hommage are seen in their correct shape and size. The Greek architects neutralized the ocular deception by an adjustment of proportions. Taking into account the viewing distance and angle of the object related to the viewer is key to the changes we make. It ensures the proportions and surfacing of the Breadvan Hommage will be correct.


Paper tape mould

Once the styled clay model has been finished, Bas will create a paper tape mould. The first beginnings of this can be seen in the corner of the rear end in one image. This tape follows the shape of the clay exactly and will be used to model the aluminium body of the Breadvan Hommage. We will be sharing images the paper tape mould once it is completed.

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