Breadvan_update_023: Interior details

Breadvan_update_023: Interior details

Detailed design ideas renderings

We made changes to the base vehicle design, to make the Breadvan Hommage interior more outspoken. We first made detailed renderings of the full interior. Today we will zoom in. The design ideas and proposals we made are again based on the OEM interior. Today we show the ideas on interior jewellery. In other words, a focus on the small, tiny details. However, we think details are not the details! One of many reasons we also focus on interior bright work is to make interior and exterior design language consistent and recognisable.


The feeling of driving a handmade one-off

The stock interior needs enhancements, specifically the switchgear. Firstly, we believe switches are of inferior quality and lack character. Secondly, the patron will interact with  these most. We believe this close contact with the car needs to provide the driver a unique feeling. After all, he is driving a one-off. To reach this goal, improving the tactile experiences was most important. We believe all materials in a coachbuilt motorcar should feel appropriate. In the end, these parts are installed in an exceptional vehicle. Inferior plastics will be eliminated by us. We will replace them by components of much higher quality. For instance made by milled aluminium or perhaps carbon fibre. On these renderings we show ideas on how the switchgear could be improved. Sometimes the elements have been completely replaced. The new items will be handmade by craftspeople.


All is part of a bigger whole

The journey from outside of the Breadvan Hommage to entering the car is key. We think everything the patron will touch on his way in should be enhanced, revised or upgraded. For instance opening the door and closing it by grabbing the door panels on the inside. We will redesign these panels completely. Appealing materials will feature on the new door panels. From sitting down on the newly designed, freshly upholstered carbon fibre seats to, putting his foot on the clutch. From placing his hand on the cold metal gated shifter, to starting the car. We believe that during a nightly drive, switching on headlights should feel great. We even think starting the engine, using the air conditioning switches and the indicator stalks all are part of a bigger whole. All materials contribute to the feeling the Breadvan Hommage will communicate through its tangible properties.

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