Breadvan_update_022: Clay model third iteration

Breadvan_update_022: Clay model third iteration

Fine tuning the Breadvan Hommage clay model

The main volumes of the design have now been largely established in the industrial plasticine. Fine tuning the complete sculpture will still take a considerable amount of time. We have now started to apply the main graphics to the side. These graphics are key in breaking down the mass of the completely closed panels. Due to this matter, the graphics are one of the most important design features of the Breadvan Hommage.


Two design themes

One of the great features of the synthetic automotive clay is the fact it can be continuously reheated, reused and reshaped. In these images two side intake design themes can be seen applied to the clay model. The first design refers to the dynamic and forward slanting side vents seen in the original front fender of the base car. In this case the graphics initially might look similar to those on the base vehicle. However, we have applied them in a more integrated and sculpted manner. We included delicate horizontal volumes to the back of each vent. They are adding dynamism to the design and extra visual length rather than height to the car.


Sophistication in design

The second vent design is more upwards, in-line with the original Breadvan. However, we have applied a more modern aesthetic to the straight-up air vent shapes. The search for sophistication has resulted in a much more sculptural, chiselled and integrated look. Although the clay on the images is still rough, the design theme can be identified. The surfaces of the clay will be cleaned up and much more crisp at a later stage. The angled, integrated shadow and light catching blades add length to the design of this coachbuilt car. They are also taking away visual weight from the flat panel. We integrated subtle facets which assure an interesting, elegant and understated interplay of surfaces.

Rich light catchers and soft surfacing

From the back a natural flow of lines and volumes can be seen. A highlight divides the rear. We formed a strong visual foundation for the trapezium-shaped window with this element. The rear window sits on top of it and we visually linked it with the number plate emboss. The highlight the window sits on breaks the large volume of the rear. A smaller highlight around the glass makes the rear window appear pushed into the rear surface. The main highlight leads the eye towards the straight-up taillights. As we designed the rear enclosed by a strong facet running around it, connecting side and back is important. Interconnecting graphics, rich light catchers and soft surfacing define this non-aggressive design. By visually attaching graphics to each other, we made the Breadvan Hommage look like a naturally grown, organic piece of design.

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