Breadvan_update_021: Interior design proposals

Breadvan_update_021: Interior design proposals

Carbon fibre sport seats are the starting point

Above all, the standard interior of the Breadvan Hommage base car is a great place to be. However, it needs change. Firstly because of the fact it needs to match with the exterior design theme. Secondly, to make the vehicle more outspoken. To start with this process, a detailed rendering of the OEM interior functioned as a solid base. This drawing showcases the stock interior. It forms the fundament for our enhancements. Apart from the factory installed sport seats finished with carbon fibre backs, the interior is not overly convincing. The colours and materials are rather simple in black on black. The design team has made three different design statements. Each featuring both subtle customisations and more bold statements.


Tactile experiences of handmade metal buttons

Exquisite individual details are specifically important in a one-off motorcar interior. On a close and personal level it will be interacted with. Moreover, the tactile experiences are of paramount importance for that reason. Handmade metal buttons will likely replace the plastic switchgear. Whilst the headrests will feature monogrammed logo: the outline of the exterior.


Interior design proposals

We created Bold Blue Brute, Burned Black Buff and Rapid Red Racer. The first design for instance features blue Alcantara seats, inspired by the original Breadvan colours. We revive the base car seats too. The new design is featuring a stronger padding. This makes the seats more voluminous and racy. We re-designed the steering wheel to look sleeker. On the dashboard we placed a new, handcrafted aluminium rear view mirror. Other customised items are a cleaned centre console and a colour coded rev-counter. The handbrake lever has been subtly changed too, featuring the same blue Alcantara.


Colour coded rear view mirror

The second interior proposal features carbon fibre personalising options, such as the instrument panel, steering wheel and dash-mounted rear view mirror. We opted for a complete centre console delete for this interior. This makes way for a Breadvan-typical high shifter. We designed a black leather surrounding tied together by a lace. Only few details are red: the centralizer on the steering wheel and door opener within the carbon fibre door panels. We envision a bright red central rev-counter too. The third interior proposal of has red seats, linking to the exterior colour. We designed a raised gear lever in H-pattern, with open linkage. It reminds one of motorsport heritage. The air vent bezels, switchgear and bespoke steering wheel are made out of aluminium. In conclusion, the rear view mirror is colour coded to match exterior paint.

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