Breadvan_update_020: Clay model second iteration

Breadvan_update_020: Clay model second iteration

Clay model

The Breadvan Hommage has been covered in synthetic clay, starting from the A-pillar the entire driver side. Firstly, the side windows are tailor-made and lowered. As a result the roofline has been adjusted by the coachbuilder in clay too. In consequence a visor-like aesthetic is generated. Secondly, the team has been working on designing a faux shutline running over the A-pillar. It runs between the OEM windscreen and the newly shaped side window. This is generating a continuous flow of lines and highlights. This will be done by adding a small amount of volume to the A pillar. This only will be a few millimetres. This volume will be taken back again at the exact height, width and depth of the shutline surrounding the top end of the windscreen of the car.


Kamm-tail rear end

Further to the back the newly shaped roof is a very obvious different. We have changed the flow of lines here many times over. It was a complex search for the right acceleration of the roofline from the front of the roof, towards the Kamm-tail rear. Initially we had added more volume to the roof starting at the windscreen. After that more acceleration of lines could take place towards he back. This however did not make the car look well balanced. In its entirety the entire roof section was deleted and redone. The newly shaped shoulders of the commissioned custom motorcar are other obvious changes. The OEM wing will be completely renewed. Although in the photos the base car is visible in front of the rear wheel, this section also remade.


Kill your darlings!

The roofline and shoulders have been reshaped. After much deliberation it was decided to completely remove the lower section of the rear end too. All material underneath the facet of the Kamm-tail had to go. Many hours went into the iterative design of the volumes, proportions and surfacing of this section. It was done through early ideation sketches, renderings and re-working in clay. Despite these efforts the car looked rather unathletic and particularly upstraight. This was mainly due to the unusually low profile of our coachbuilt car. The perspective coming with that warped the design. So: Kill your darlings! In conclusion, the complete removal of this section will ensure the team can rebuilt from scratch. So our Breadvan Hommage will eventually be a well-balanced, distinctive piece of automotive design.

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