Breadvan_update_019: Development of the jewellery

Breadvan_update_019: Development of the jewellery

Development of side vents

During altering the clay model the design process is ongoing. Above all we are monitoring the development of the surfacing in clay. We’re also working on the iterations of the skin of the car and designing the details or jewellery. On the edge between surfacing and jewellery are the side vents. We’re exploring their orientation, size, shape, character and depth. Like the vents on the front fender, some of the earlier renderings the side vents were tilted forwards. These gave the car a strong virtual B-pillar and added character to the design. They also introduced a new graphic to the side of the car. More importantly it is a fresh interpretation of the original Breadvan DNA. Nevertheless, it was decided this departure from the original car was too big. The team focused on getting new character in a more upright positioned series of vents.


Letting shape and coachwork speak

The side vents will be rich in their surfacing, with facets tilting inwards of the body. In a soft but significant manner these will be catching the light. And due to the extended horizontal lines, they add length and speed to the car. Despite their vertical shape they won’t solely emphasizing height. These horizontal shapes link with the character lines featured on the new fender vents. This new design flows into the door.


Bright work

Early on in the project it was decided to minimalize the amount of details. Furthermore, to let the shape and quality of the coachwork speak. A large amount of chrome would take away the focus on the handmade skin. A lack of visual noise will make the Breadvan Hommage look pure. The door handles will be deleted and the rear window will not feature outboard hinges. Even tiny detail as the door lock will be completely erased from the body. Less distractions equals more attention for the proportions, surfacing and the small bit of meaningful jewellery.


Chrome bullet mirrors

The bullet mirrors are the most eye catching and significant new addition to the jewellery of the car. The original door mirrors placed on the base of the A-pillar will be replaced by these items. The hand-beaten aluminium bullets will be mounted on the fenders. They feature an integrated indicator light, subtly placed on the far edge of the mirror. Each and every detail on the Breadvan Hommage will feature a similar amount of dedication and eye for detail.  

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